New Changes after Brexit

Obsolete bookmarks

After the Brexit day, the general/default presentation of the datasets will automatically updated to add the new code EU27_2019 "European Union - 27 countries (from 2019)" on top of the "Geographical entity (reporting)" also called GEO dimension.


In case of personal bookmarks containing explicitly codes which are modified due to the Brexit, like EU27 what becomes EU27_2019, the application will detect it and display a message in red to inform the user that the bookmark has to be recreated. In the grid, obsolete codes will be pushed at the end of the list and the line will contain no values anymore (symbol ":").


In the dimension popup, the obsolete codes will be visible a dedicated list "Obsolete codes" on the top list. Clicking on UPDATE button will automatically remove the obsolete code from this code list.


Invalid Bookmarks

In case of the major modification of a dataset's structure (e.g. the add of a new dimension), a bookmark can become invalid. It means that it cannot be opened anymore. The following error message will appear with a link to redirect the user to the default presentation of this dataset.


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